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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Residential Construction

Residential construction - Allow us to build your vision in a timely manner with budget efficiency.

We strive to deliver each and every project with maximum quality without jeopardizing safety or your vision. Why choose us over others?

Because we will turn your dream into a reality.

  • Save money

  • Save time

  • Transparency

  • Quality work

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  • Renovations in targeted areas of your home or general

  • Need to renovate your home or simply just a small part we are here for you

  • Don't worry about large scale renovations as we specialize in specific renovations with your kitchen, bathroom, garage, bedrooms, living rooms whatever you want.

  • Small home improvements such as transforming it into a smart home.

  • Retro light fittings for commercial or residential

  • Lighting's


Tile roof, metal roofing and aluminum roofing, each has unique benefits that could benefit your home. 

  • Need examples from website

  • Metal, aluminum, tile, shingle roofing.

  • M- temperature efficient and minimizes maintenance, A- Good for residencies near ocean to prevent rust, T- Aesthetically pleasing, S- Most affordable.

  • Florida’s new law about roofing compliance

  • Solar roofing and cost saving installations

Kitchen Florida.jpeg


We offer services from kitchen remodeling, finishing touches, specific desired work, to complete interior design transformations. Installation of new cabinets, new countertops (granite or quartz), new lighting ( under-counter, inside cabinets, e.t.c.), new plumbing (changing of sink, adding new garbage disposal system, e.t.c.)

  • Complete remodeling

  • Smart kitchens

  • Specific upgrades


Total remodeling, modifying existing shower ( shower into tub with shower/ vice-versa, adding new shower fixtures, adding frame-less glass, installing new vanity, installing lighted mirrors that defrost automatically, new tiling, e.t.c)

  • Bathtub installments

  • Led Lighting and upgrades

  • Complete renovations

  • Maintenance issues such as leaks

  • Heated tile installations, and improvements on current infrastructure

Bathroom Florida.jpeg

Pool Renovations

  • Pool remodeling

  • Smart pool upgrades

  • New paver installations to accommodate customers specifications


Framing for new or existing construction all specific to pass all inspections and follow architectural drawings.

Interior Painting.jpeg

Interior Painting

No job is big or small. We take pride in painting from caulking and sanding to ensuring all surfaces are prepared properly and ensuring all your belongings are covered.

Exterior Painting

New construction or existing, we prepare and paint with detail and precision.

Exterior Painting.jpeg
Windows and Doors.jpeg

Windows & Doors

Installation of new windows and doors for new construction or existing. Financing available and we can beat most competitors' pricing.

  • New hurricane proof installments


We can do any designs to meet your needs and we ensure floors are level using laser technology.



From new construction to existing/remodeling we pull all permits and can do it all.

Trim Carpentry

From crown molding to door casing to baseboards, you name it we do it.

Trim Carpentry.jpeg
Smart Home Logo.png

Smart Homes

  • Alexa home, Alexa home e.t.c

  • Smart switches, lighting, cameras and other.

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